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Citibank N.A Bank Manager Salary


Citibank N.A Bank Manager Salary In India Per Month All Bank Details: The pay that banks offer to their employees is one of the main reasons why working in a bank is regarded as one of the most prestigious jobs. If you are recruited in a bank as a manager, there isn’t much else that a person could want. The most well-known positions include bank manager and the Citibank N.A bank manager salary in India is quite good.


Bank managers are paid very well regardless of whether they work for a private or public bank. In addition to their high salaries, the banking industry is renowned for providing its staff with excellent benefits that completely meet their demands. Banks publish thousands of job openings for bank managers every year, and lakhs of applicants fight with one another to land these positions and secure their futures.


Citibank N.A Bank Manager – Average Salary

Citibank N.A Bank Manager Salary



The average pay for a bank manager in India is 7,87,500 rupees ($42,660) annually, or 4,00,000 (+103%) more than the country’s average wage.

A bank manager can anticipate a starting salary of $31,600 on average. The greatest pay can go above $20,000 per year.


Get All Details Regarding Citibank N.A Bank Manager Salary in India

The first preference that a candidate provides is to the public banks, and we are all very well aware of the rationale behind this and it is job stability. Both private and public banks offer enticing wage packages to the applicants selected as Bank Managers.

Even though privately held banks occasionally offer far larger wage packages than public banks do, candidates still choose public banks because they have job stability there, which is completely lacking in privately owned banks.


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Citibank N.A Bank Manager Salary in India per Month

The second reason is that although public servants can take the chance of not keeping up with cutting-edge technology, private players who fall behind in their skill sets will find themselves out of a job the very next day. But let’s not delve too far into the subject.

Because whether you work for a government bank or a private company, your job is your job and you should treat it with respect. So let’s get right to the matter at hand, which is Citibank N.A “Bank Manager Salary in India.”


Bank Name Bank Manager Salary in India Per Month
State Bank Of India 60,000 to 1,00,000 Per month
HDFC 90,000 (approx)
ICICI 80,000 (approx)
IDBI 90,000 (approx)
Axis Bank 80,000 (approx)
Federal Bank 85,000 (approx)
Syndicate Bank 85,000 (approx)
Canara Bank 70,000 (approx)


At order to provide you a comprehensive understanding of Bank Managers Salary In India in all the banks, we will discuss with you in-depth here how much a Bank Manager makes while attempting to cover almost all the banks.


Citibank N.A Bank Manager Salary In India Per annum

The average compensation for a bank manager in India is 7,87,500 rupees per year (42,660 rupees per month), which is 4,00,000 (+103%) more than the country’s average wage.


Bank Salary Package (per annum)
State Bank Of India 7.5 Lakhs to 12.9 Lakhs
HDFC 11.66 Lakhs (approx)
ICICI 10.7 Lakhs (approx)
IDBI 11.34 Lakhs (approx)
Axis Bank 9.6 Lakhs (approx)
Federal Bank 10.87 Lakhs (approx)
Syndicate Bank 9.37 Lakhs (approx)
Canara Bank 8.66 Lakhs (approx)


For a public bank, the situation is different; your pay is not determined by your level of experience, but even if you are a recent graduate, you will still receive a very attractive package with many advantages.


Now, depending on your experience, the packages vary if you apply to a private bank. The average annual salary for an entry-level bank manager with less than three years of work experience is 3,30,270 rupees.


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