Competitors of Snickers

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Top 10 Competitors of Snickers

Snickers is a popular chocolate bar brand owned by Mars, Inc. Here are the top 10 competitors of Snickers:

  1. KitKat – Owned by Nestle
  2. Mars Bars – Also owned by Mars, Inc.
  3. Twix – Owned by Mars, Inc.
  4. Hershey’s – Owned by The Hershey Company
  5. Twirl – Owned by Cadbury
  6. Milky Way – Owned by Mars, Inc.
  7. Boost – Owned by Cadbury
  8. Bounty – Owned by Mars, Inc.
  9. Aero – Owned by Nestle
  10. Cadbury Dairy Milk – Owned by Mondele


Com petitors of snickers


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