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Detailed Case Study On Marketing Strategy of Udaan

Hiveloop owns and runs Udaan, a B2C marketplace with offices in Bangalore. Former Flipkart workers Amod Malviya, Sujeet Kumar, and Vaibhav Gupta started it. Online manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are linked together through Udaan. The marketplace, according to reports, was the fastest Indian start-up to reach a valuation of $1 billion in just 26 months. Electronics and fashion are the categories that are currently offered in the market.


 Table of Content 

  1. Product Strategy of Udaan
  2. Price Strategy of Udaan
  3. Place & Distribution Strategy of Udaan
  4. Promotion Strategy of Udaan
  5. Competitors of Udaan
  6. Marketing Strategy of Udaan
  7. Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of Udaan
  8. SEO Case Study of Udaan
  9. Content Marketing Case Study of Udaan
  10. Objective of Udaan
  11. Solutions of Udaan
  12. Future Plans of Udaan
  13. Success Story of Udaan
  14. Customer Relationship
  15. Revenue Streams of Udaan
  16. Channels of Udaan




About Udaan

The largest business-to-business e-commerce platform in India is called udaan. It was established in 2016 with the goal of “using technology to transform the way trade is conducted in India.” A few of the categories it operates in include lifestyle, technology, home & kitchen, necessities, fruits & veggies, FMCG, medicine, toys, and miscellaneous goods.

Udaan is overcoming fundamental trade challenges that are unique to India’s small and medium-sized businesses by employing technology and delivering the benefits of eCommerce to them. It acts as a one-stop shop for all b2b business requirements. udaan has created inclusive tech solutions for Bharat in order to give businesses, merchants, and manufacturers a level playing field on which to scale, trade, and expand their operations.

The platform acts as a catalyst to enable national reach, affordability, accessibility, and transparency for the more than 60 million MSMEs in India, which include 15 million manufacturing, 25 million retail outlets, and 10 to 12 million institutional enterprises such as offices, educational institutions, and hospitality businesses. The goal of udaan is to provide small businesses with the technology, financial inclusion, and supply chain expertise they need to compete and flourish in a world that is increasingly technologically and digitally advanced.


Detailed Case Study On Marketing Strategy of Udaan



Product Strategy of Udaan

Bengaluru, Karnataka. The company has raised a total of $317.5 million in 5 funding rounds. The latest funding was raised on Dec 6, 2019, from a Series D round. Udaan is backed by major venture capital firms, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, GGV Capital, Footpath Ventures, and Tiger Global Management.

Small enterprises and independent business owners can offer their goods online through Udaan’s marketplace. It provides a large selection of goods from several categories, including electronics, clothing, home, and kitchen. On its platform, Udaan has more than 10 million products listed. The company follows a marketplace model and does not stock any inventory. It makes money by charging a commission on every transaction that happens on its platform. Udaan is currently present in more than 200 cities across India. In 2019, it launched operations in Nepal. The company plans to expand to other countries in South Asia in the future.

Udaan has been growing rapidly since its launch. It achieved profitability in 2018 and has been consistently reporting strong growth numbers. The company’s success can be attributed to its focus on solving the problems of small businesses in India. Udaan has created a simple and efficient platform that makes it easy for them to sell online.

Looking ahead, Udaan is well-positioned to be a leading player in the B2B e-commerce space in India and beyond.



Price Strategy of Udaan

Udaan is a leading B2B platform in India that is changing the way businesses operate. It is a one-stop solution for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Through Udaan, businesses can find new suppliers, connect with other businesses, and get the best deals on products and services.

Udaan’s pricing strategy is simple – it charges businesses a commission on transactions. This commission is a percentage of the total value of the transaction, and it is capped at a certain amount. This means that businesses only pay Udaan when they make a sale, and they only pay a small percentage of the total value of the sale. This makes Udaan very affordable for businesses, and it is one of the reasons why the platform is so popular.

Udaan is changing the way businesses operate, and its pricing strategy is a big part of that. By making it affordable for businesses to use the platform, Udaan is making it easier for businesses to connect with each other and find new suppliers. This is good for businesses and it is good for the economy.


Place & Distribution Strategy of Udaan

Udaan finances the capital and assesses the interest in it for its customers. Simply said, the client has the option to purchase items directly from the market, sell them in their nearby shops, or use them for personal purposes.


Promotion Strategy of Udaan

Udaan is a unique e-commerce platform that is making waves in the industry. The company has a very different approach to promotion and marketing, and it is paying off big time. The company does not spend any money on traditional advertising or marketing. Instead, it relies completely on word-of-mouth marketing. And it is working brilliantly.

Udaan has managed to get people talking about it, and the company is growing at an exponential rate. The company is now among the top 5 e-commerce platforms in India. The success of Udaan lies in its unique approach to promotion and marketing. The company has managed to capture the imagination of the people, and it is only going to get bigger and better from here.


Competitors of Udaan

Here’s to mention the top Udaan competitors in India:


Competitors of Udaan


Marketing Strategy of Udaan

As the brand ambassador for Udaan, Pankaj Tripathi frequently appears in their commercials as Dimple Bhaiya, who is bringing a lot of people into his business and making a lot of money by taking orders through the Udaan app.

In these advertisements, they make an effort to position themselves as a practical and hassle-free option for business owners where they can easily obtain high-quality goods. Additionally, they make an effort to persuade the business owners that their money is secure and they won’t be duped.

In summary, Udaan seeks to encourage small business owners to use the internet to multiply their revenue. They want to change their thinking and make them more digitally oriented.


Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of Udaan

The first digital video ad for the business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform udaan, which is geared toward Kirana shop owners, has been released (Food-FMCG category). The advertising campaign emphasizes how simple utilizing the udaan app is for small business owners.

This campaign is a component of udaan’s strategy to revolutionize how Kirana shop owners currently get their daily supplies while also growing its presence in the food-FMCG segment across the nation.

SEO Case Study of Udaan

Udaan Ranking

Ranking websites aids in determining a business’s worth. The position of udaan.com has improved during the past three months, rising from 83,197 to 63,103.

SEO Case Study of Udaan

Udaan Traffic and Engagement Analysis

Traffic to udaan.com is down 17.55 percent from the previous month. Discover how successfully udaan.com

Udaan Traffic and Engagement Analysis


Content Marketing Case Study of Udaan

On the B2B trading platform UDAAN, wholesalers, and manufacturers can sell their goods to retailers. Therefore, the case study teaches that these are the areas that any company should concentrate on if it wants to succeed. • Effect on a significant population Technology disruption; distinct Indian flavor Organizations should develop innovations that significantly affect consumers. The goods or services are very important to the customers. Similar to how Udaan noted that the following agriculture, it was SMEs that were expanding quickly and bringing in more than 700-800 B$, which was more than Pakistan’s GDP. Then they noticed that there wasn’t a technological revolution in SMEs and discovered that B2B opportunities and growth were enormous.

The name and the Look of their firms are often complete but the UDAAN name and its user interface were very customer friendly.  Any Firm that wants to grow at a rapid rate should abide by these 3 points, in order for the rapid growth of the Organization. They should also keep a check on their logistics which assures successful delivery of goods and services to the customers. 

Their focus should also thereon

  • Relieving the sore spots
  • Advantages for the environment
  • Fostering and assisting entrepreneurship
  • Resolving credit-related difficulty
  • Expansion Quickly


Objective of Udaan

The Udaan scheme aims to increase the capacity of young people in J&K by helping them develop their skills and then exposing them to the best Indian corporations. The project also aims to give India’s corporate sector access to J&K’s extensive talent pool.


Solutions of Udaan

Manufacturers and wholesalers can offer their goods to retailers on the business-to-business marketplace Udaan through an internet platform or mobile app. Additionally, the business offers logistics, safe payment methods, and technical assistance. Based on their business model, they are the player with few assets. They do not now plan to become asset-heavy and do not believe in holding assets. Udaan helps businesses locate customers, suppliers, and products across categories and connect them to create the optimal arrangement. Additionally, the platform promotes secure installments and offers coordination assistance. The company also provides bookkeeping services, executive requests, and executive answers for investors based on their needs.

The organization’s promoters discovered that end retailers have a difficult time funding working capital. The retailers ultimately purchase from local banks that demand exorbitant fees. Udaan intends to provide them with working capital (funds) at a reasonable cost. In this approach, it has started to guarantee credits for these private businesses in addition to serving as a platform for retailers and wholesalers. Additionally, it has obtained an NBFC license that allows it to open accounts for SMEs.


Future Plans of Udaan

Udaan plans to grow its reach to 1,500 cities and add 150 FMCG businesses to its platform. The business stated in a media statement that with the inclusion of these brands, the FMCG sector would have over 250 brands available on the platform to support small merchants and Kirana stores around the nation.

Udaan plans to grow its reach to 1,500 cities and add 150 FMCG businesses to its platform. The business stated in a media statement that with the inclusion of these brands, the FMCG sector would have over 250 brands available on the platform to support small merchants and kirana stores around the nation.


Success Story of Udaan

Udaan is a story of success against all odds. It is a story of how a small startup with big dreams and an even bigger heart can make it big in India.

Udaan was founded in 2016 by three IIT graduates – Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta, and Sujeet Kumar. The company started out as a B2B marketplace for small and medium businesses in India.

In just three years, Udaan has become the largest B2B marketplace in India. The company’s success lies in its deep understanding of the Indian market and its mission to make doing business easier for SMBs. Udaan is currently valued at $1.3 billion and is one of the fastest-growing startups in India. The company has raised over $340 million from investors like GIC, Tiger Global, and Tencent.

Udaan’s story is an inspiration for all startups. It shows that nothing is impossible if you have the passion and the determination to make it happen.


Customer Relationship

Customer relations are the strategies a business use to interact with its clients and enhance the client experience. This entails proactively developing long-term solutions that are focused on client success as well as responding to immediate barriers.


Revenue Streams of Udaan

A company’s or organization’s source of income is called a revenue stream. A revenue stream in business typically consists of one of the following: recurring revenue, transaction-based revenue, project revenue, or service revenue. The 15% to 18% commission that Udaan charges customers to fund their purchases is the basis for the company’s income.


Channels of Udaan

Udaan Top Marketing Channels

Direct traffic, which accounted for 52.39% of desktop visits to udaan.com in the previous month, is the main source of traffic, followed by search at 44.69%. Ads are the most underused channel. Investigate the primary movers in each of the channels below.

Channels of Udaan


The company Udaan deals with the issue of the small shopkeeper who often lives in a modest town but travels to larger urban areas to buy and sell goods in bulk, despite the fact that there are stronger competitors than him. Udaan takes care of this enormous problem for the typical shopkeeper who has a position among the middle class in India.


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