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Since their creation, certain brands have experienced exponential growth. One of those is Zomato. How did they pull it off? What steps did they take to grow their clientele? What did they do to entice repeat business from customers? We believe that a significant factor in all of this was Zomato’s digital marketing strategy. In order to offer you a better understanding of what the organization has been doing, this article will discuss the Marketing Strategy of Zomato.


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About Zomato 

When Zomato first launched, its goal was to be the best restaurant search and discovery platform. There were details about the restaurants, including names, menu items, costs, and reviews. It provided thorough information on more than 1.4 million businesses in 23 different nations.

Over the years, it has changed into an online platform for food delivery. Now, customers may use their website or app to order food from neighboring restaurants. The customer’s order is picked up from the restaurant by Zomato delivery staff, who then deliver it to the given address.


 Marketing Strategy of Zomato


Product Strategy of Zomato 

Zomato gives the user access to restaurant information, photographs, menus, prices, and even a customer feedback portal where people can share their thoughts on the service and food at a particular restaurant. This programme benefits establishments without websites of their own.


Price Strategy of Zomato 

The primary source of income for Zomato is the restaurant advertising they run on their website or mobile application. Restaurant banner ads are included in restaurant advertising to offer them the most visibility possible as soon as a user logs into the app or website. When a restaurant hosts an event and uses Zomato as a promotional tool, this is known as event-based advertising. The commission on tickets purchased through Zomato has been determined. Additionally, they offer restaurant chains advice services regarding the location of their future location.

Zomato uses a variety of analytical tools to identify demand gaps and provide solutions. The percentage revenue allocation is as follows: restaurant advertising accounts for 85% of revenue, event advertising for 5%, and event ticket sales for 15%.


Place & Distribution Strategy of Zomato 

Online service Zomato is accessible on the Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. It is offered in 25 nations, including South Africa, Chile, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, and the USA. The UI offers translations into English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Slovak, Indonesian, Polish, and nine more languages: The UI is easy to use. They also interact with customers on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Place & Distribution Strategy of Zomato 


Promotion Strategy of Zomato 

The following describes the marketing strategy for Zomato promotions and advertising:

Zomato is renowned for its use of content marketing. They strive to heavily utilize photos for advertising in content marketing. These pictures demand a quick glance, affect viewers, and provide sheer fun. Old proverbs and messages given in a distinctive manner consistent with Zomato’s service make up the material, which is consistently fresh. Social media is a crucial platform for marketing their services. They always use basic industry lingo in their articles and messages that are directed at various audience groups. Zomato collaborates with Paytm, Uber, and food bloggers to offer Zomato as an option for any food-related searches users do on these apps, in addition to posts and messages.

Website Marketing Strategy of Zomato


Competitors of Zomato 

The Restaurant Delivery/Takeout Software options listed below are the most often cited competitions for Zomato among users and reviewers. Customer service and user interface are two more crucial aspects to take into account while looking into Zomato alternatives. We have created a list of alternatives and rivals to Zomato that reviewers deemed to be the best overall, including UberEats, Swiggy, DoorDash, and GrubHub.

Competitors of Zomato 



Marketing Strategy of Zomato 

Zomato undoubtedly has a solid marketing plan to support the brand, which has ruled the prosperous home.

When compared to referrals, social media or other paid marketing initiatives, and other sources, we can see that Zomato receives the majority of its traffic straight from its searches (66.41%), as well as from other channels and sources (31.36%).

Zomato uses a blended marketing approach that has been successful in retaining customers and boosting sales. Innovation and adaptability have always been a priority for the brand. Zomato was among the first companies to offer a food delivery service, but as more businesses entered the market, Zomato needed to make sure that they eventually outpaced them. This was accomplished by combining a variety of novel concepts, providing goods and services at competitive prices, and purchasing other businesses.

In addition, the business has always valued perseverance, which has existed since the beginning. In fact, one of the co-founders, Deepinder Goyal, stated in an interview that the core staff of Zomato is always prepared to pick up the situation and retry the process while making the required adjustments. Such commitment is always fruitful!


Marketing Strategy of Zomato: Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of Zomato 

Zomato is a popular food delivery and restaurant discovery platform. In recent years, the company has been on a roll, expanding its operations to more and more cities around the world. As Zomato continues to grow, its marketing and advertising campaigns have become more ambitious and creative.

In India, Zomato’s marketing campaigns have often been controversial. The company’s ads have been accused of being sexist, racist, and insensitive to various communities. However, Zomato has defended its campaigns, saying that they are meant to be light-hearted and humorous.

Some of Zomato’s most popular marketing campaigns include the “Passionate About Food” campaign, which featured real-life stories of people who are passionate about food, and the “Foodie” campaign, which encouraged people to share photos of their meals.

Zomato has also been successful in creating buzz around new features on its platform. For example, when Zomato introduced the ability to order food directly from its app, it ran a series of ads featuring celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan Shah Rukh Khan, and Hritik Roshan.

With its mix of controversy and creativity, Zomato’s marketing campaigns have certainly helped it stand out in the crowded food delivery market.


Marketing Strategy of Zomato: SEO Case Study of Zomato  

Traffic and Engagement

The traffic to has climbed by 1.48% since last month, which is already encouraging. Discover how well matches visitor expectations and piques their curiosity by clicking the link below.

SEO Case Study of Zomato  


Marketing Strategy of Zomato: Content Marketing Case Study of Zomato 

The company currently operates in 24 countries and serves over 80 million users.

In India, Zomato has been particularly successful, thanks to its innovative content marketing strategy. The company has consistently produced high-quality content that is relevant to its audience and has usefully promoted its service through various channels.

One of the keys to Zomato’s success has been its focus on producing original content. The company has a team of in-house writers and designers who create articles, videos, infographics, and other types of content on a regular basis. This original content is then distributed through the company’s website and social media channels.

Zomato has also been effective in partnering with other websites and influencers to extend the reach of its content. For example, the company has collaborated with food blogs and YouTube channels to produce joint content and promote each other’s services.

Finally, Zomato has been able to use its content to drive real business results. The company has noted that its articles and videos have led to an increase in web traffic, brand awareness, and customer acquisition.

If you’re looking to create a successful content marketing strategy for your business, take a page out of Zomato’s playbook. By producing original, high-quality content and promoting it effectively, you can achieve similar success for your business.


Objective of Zomato 

Financial Goal: To boost resources and income

Marketing Goal: To attract clients from throughout the world.

Growth Goal: To consistently expand and boost website traffic and customer numbers


Solutions of Zomato 

However, Zomato is not without its fair share of problems. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the biggest issues faced by Zomato and its customers, and discuss potential solutions to these problems.

One of the biggest issues faced by Zomato is customer satisfaction. There have been numerous reports of customers receiving cold or stale food, late deliveries, and incorrect orders. While Zomato has taken steps to improve its customer service, such as introducing a 24/7 customer care line, more needs to be done to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service.

One way to solve this problem is to allow customers to rate their experience with each delivery. This would give Zomato a better idea of which restaurants are providing good service and which ones need to improve. Additionally, customers should be able to leave comments about their experience, so that Zomato can address specific issues.

Another major issue faced by Zomato is delivery times. Due to the high demand for food delivery, many restaurants are struggling to keep up with the demand. This often leads to long delivery times, which can be frustrating for customers.

One way to solve this problem is to offer customers the option to pick up their food from the restaurant. This would allow customers to get their food faster and would take some of the pressure off of the restaurants.


Future Plans of Zomato 

Zomato, the popular food delivery, and restaurant discovery platform have big plans for the future. The company has recently announced a partnership with Uber, which will allow users to book an Uber directly from the Zomato app. This is just the beginning – Zomato plans to make its app even more useful and convenient for users.

Future Plans of Zomato 

In the near future, Zomato plans to launch a new feature that will allow users to order food directly from the app. This will make it even easier for users to get their favorite meals delivered to their doorstep. Additionally, Zomato is also working on a new payment platform that will make it easier for users to pay for their food.

With all these new features and more in the pipeline, Zomato is set to make the ordering and dining experience even better for users. So if you’re looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to order food, make sure to keep an eye out for Zomato’s future updates.


Success Story of Zomato

Zomato is the term that immediately springs to mind when thinking about how to order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant while relaxing at home. the name of the application. Whoever got the bright idea to make things so simple was Pankaj Chaddah, the creator of Zomato, and Dipendra Goyal. Initially established in 2008 under the name Foodiebay, it changed its name to Zomato on January 18, 2010, and then to Zomato Media Pvt. Ltd. in 2011.

The food delivery service expanded its clientele from Delhi to the National Capital Region (NCR), Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Pune. Numerous businesses experienced serious difficulties operating their operations. They eventually have to close their business due to a problem.

It is on the road and offering its services in 2020 during a pandemic when most stores are shuttered or struggling to survive, and this food delivery app hit new heights. Everyone needs food, so what more do you need when it’s available where you need it? Food is a basic human requirement.


Customer Relationship

Zomato interacts with its audience by posting on popular subjects. The brand is aware of the nature of its audience. As a result, it promotes material that encourages people to share, discuss, and revisit it. It uses popular subjects and publishes straightforward images to engage users online.

Instagram ads Marketing Strategy of Zomato


Revenue Streams of Zomato 

Zomato does not by itself sell the products to clients, yet the revenue is enormous. Zomato is not just a food company; it also engages in advertising. Zomato’s business is divided into two distinct areas: first, the delivery industry, and second, the advertising industry. The majority of customers would be accustomed with online ordering, but Zomato now offers additional revenue streams. The methods for raising money include:

Revenue Streams of Zomato 


Channels of Zomato:

Top Marketing Channels

Search traffic is the main source of the traffic to, accounting for 58.75% of desktop visits in the previous month. Direct traffic comes in second with 38.69% of traffic. “Ads” is the most underused channel. Investigate the primary movers in each of the channels below.

Channels of Zomato

Conclusion of Marketing Strategy of Zomato

Zomato’s marketing technique is unquestionably effective. It’s not only one of India’s first unicorns and is one of the biggest participants in the country’s lucrative meal delivery market; its marketing approach is also energizing, practical, and direct.


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