SEO Interview Questions For Beginners: Complete Guide

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Any strategy for digital marketing must include SEO. These days, every firm needs to grow its brand awareness, web traffic, return on investment, and in-depth knowledge of client behavior. You must get ready for an SEO interview if you want to pursue a new career or grow in your current one. This article provides a list of frequently asked SEO interview questions and responses that may be used by both new hires and seasoned professionals to thoroughly comprehend SEO ideas.

I’ve put together the best SEO interview question and answer guide to assist you to comprehend the breadth and true intent of the interview questions. Let’s get going.

SEO Interview Questions



  • What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase a user uses to search for the particular content they want in the search engine. For example, if someone wants to buy formal shoes ‘formal shoes’ will be the search term they will use which in turn becomes a keyword for that particular search. 


  • What is keyword difficulty?

Keyword difficulty defines how difficult it is to rank a keyword on any search engine results page. It gives an idea of the competition on the keyword. 


  • What is keyword density?

Keyword density refers to the number of times a keyword is present on a particular webpage. It is measured in comparison with the total number of words on the webpage. 


  • What is a landing page?

The phrase is pretty self-explanatory. A landing page is a page on the website where a visitor lands when they click on the link through an email or ad for any other source. 


  • What is an anchor text? Explain the usage of an anchor tag in SEO.

An anchor text is a clickable text which is linked or anchored to a URL that contains relevant information. 


  • What are organic results?

Organic results are the results that appear on the search engine results page (SERP). Organic results depend on various factors such as relevancy, domain authority, search engine optimization, etc. 


  • What are the google ranking factors?

There are 200 various factors that are used by google while ranking web pages or websites. A few of them are Quality Content, Quality & Relevant Backlinks, Page SpeedUser experience, Technical SEO, Domain Authority, Content-Type, etc. 


  • What is 301 redirection?

301 is the permanent redirection of a webpage to another webpage. 


  • What are 302 redirects?

This is a temporary redirection of a webpage to another webpage. 


  • What is 404 error?

This error shows a web page has been deleted by the owner. 

What is 404 error


  • What are two types of SEO?

SEO is of two types: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. 


  • What is on-page SEO?

It is the practice of optimizing web pages to get a ranking on the search engine results page (SERP).  Read more about on-page SEO


  • What is off-page SEO?

It is a set of actions taken outside your website that impacts your ranking on the SERPs. Read more about OFF-page SEO 


  • What are the three types of keywords?

The type of keywords depends on the length of the keyword. A short tail keyword consists of not more than 3 terms and has high traffic and high competition. A medium tail keyword is a compromise between two extremes i.e short tail and long tail keyword. A long tail keyword is a specific keyword with lower but quality traffic. 


  • Which google tool is used for keyword research?

Google keyword planner is the tool provided by google for keyword research for users. It is available free of cost for everyone. 


  • What is cross-linking?

It is just linked to other pages on your website. Such links help to increase the authority of your website in the long. 

What is cross-linking


  • What is a domain name?

It is an easy-to-remember term that is linked to an IP address on the internet. 


  • Name some of the tools that you have used in SEO.

SemRush, Ahrefs, Grammarly, Quetext, Google Keyword Planner, Yoast SEO, Moz, SEOquack, and Google trends. 


  • Name some SEO-friendly plugins for WordPress.

Yoast SEO, Redirection


  • Which SEO practices should be avoided?

Keyword stuffing, over-prioritizing keywords, publishing too much content, accepting poor quality guest blogging. 


  • What is black-and-white hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is practiced against SEO guidelines as opposed to white hat SEO. 


  • What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. 


  • What is DA?

Domain Authority refers to the strength of the given domain.


  • What is the bounce rate?

It is the percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave rather than visiting other pages.


  • What is CTR?

It’s a ratio of the clicks that you get on your ads to the number of impressions. 


  • What are crawlers?

Crawlers are robots who perform the task of web indexing on the world wide web. 


  • What are google trends?

It is a website by google which analyzes the popularity of the top search terms across the search engine. 


  • What is Google Search Console?

It is a free service offered by Google which helps you to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot the presence of a website on google search results. 

What is Google Search Console


  • What is search intent?

Search intent is the purpose behind every search that is made on the search engine. 

  1. What do Google search algorithms analyze so that a page ranks higher in the SERP?
  2. Relevancy of the page, quality of the content ( grammar and plagiarism) , domain authority, site loading speed, backlinks, etc. 


  • Why is SEO important to businesses?

SEO serves for a longer duration. In the long learn SEO builds brand image and credibility hence exponential growth in the long term. 


  • What is an organic result?

Organic results are unpaid results that are displayed on search engine results pages. 


  • What is a paid result?

Advertisers pay for the platform where they want to advertise their business. In google search engine it is done through google ads which is a platform created by google for advertising. 


  • Explain LSI

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, which is a computer program that displays synonyms or related keywords based on context. 


  • What do you mean by backlinks?

Backlinks are the links from one page of a website to another website. 


  • What method do you use to redirect a page?

A WordPress plugin names redirection is used to redirect broken pages or posts. 


  • How can you do SEO for a video?

SEO for videos involves creating video metadata that is relevant for people who are searching for and creating video content that will generate traffic. 


  • What is the relationship between SEO and SEM?

SEM is about getting traffic via paid ads, and SEO is more about acquiring, monitoring, and analyzing organic (unpaid) traffic patterns. SEO is done from a long-term perspective and SEM is done mainly to spread awareness about the service/ product on an initial basis. 


  • What is crawling?

It is a process of finding relevant information to the search query by the bots or crawlers on the search engine. 


  • What is Google Sandbox?

Google sandbox has never been confirmed by google itself but it’s an effect that prevents new websites from ranking in the topmost positions too quickly. 

What is Google Sandbox


  • What is a Do-follow link?

Dofollow links are those that allow Google and other search engines to point back to your website or blog. So, every time you insert a do follow link on your site, it can point back to you, which strengthens your authority by showing search engines what other sites, blogs, and posts are linking to you.


  • What is a No-follow link?

No followed links are hyperlinks with a rel=“no follow” tag. These links do not influence the search engine rankings of the destination URL because Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across them. In fact, Google doesn’t even crawl Nofollow links


  • What is the difference between a do-follow and a no-follow link?

“The difference between a Dofollow and a Nofollow link is that a Dofollow link passes PageRank signals (some refer to this as SEO or link juice), and a Nofollow link doesn’t,” said Paul Ronto, CMO of RunRepeat. In other words, the distinction lies in how the Google algorithm treats each link.


  • What is keyword frequency?

It refers to how often a particular keyword appears on a web page for content on the webpage. 


  • What is Keyword Stuffing?

It’s an unfair practice done by putting keywords in the metadata, on-page content, and anchor text to gain a higher rank on the search engine results page. 


  • What is Keyword Stemming?

It is a method of making different, relevant keywords from the base keyword. For example, if you are using hydrate as a keyword then the variation “hydrated” “dehydrate” and “rehydrate” will also be considered. 


  • What is NAP?

It is the most important aspect of local SEO. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number. The NAP should be accurate and consistent. Google values accuracy and consistency when it comes to local business and local SEO. 


  • What are header tags?

Aka heading tags, they are used to separate headings, subheadings, and paragraphs in the content. There are heading tags from H1 to H6 which are used depending on the order of importance. H1 is usually the main title and the rest are used for other subtitles or subheadings. 


  •  What are Internal Links?

It is a link from one page of your website to another page on your website. Since this is a practice of internal linking of the same domain hence the name. 


  • What are outbound links?

To give more context about the existing topic some outbound links are used from other pages on other websites. 


  • What are inbound links?

An outbound link is a link coming from another website to your website. 


  • What is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a file that tells search engines which pages they can and can’t crawl.


  • What are SEO Friendly URLs?

These are the URLs that are short and keyword-rich. Which serves the purpose of SEO. 


  • What is Robots Meta Tag?

Robots meta directives (sometimes called “meta tags”) are pieces of code that provide crawlers instructions for how to crawl or index web page content.

What is Robots Meta Tag


  • What is ALT Tag?

It is an HTML attribute given to a component on a webpage to provide text alternatives. 


  • How important are backlinks?

Backlinks are important if you want to go for the long run and increase the authority of your domain by linking your website to other high-authority domains. It represents that the other domains vouch for the content present on your website. 


  • What is Search Engine Submission?

It is a method of listing your website on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, DuckGoGo, Safari, etc. its a kind of domain registering your website on the search engine. 


  • What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, it is an advertising model used by search engines when it comes to advertising on search engines.  Whenever a viewer clicks on your ad you pay a certain amount to the platform on which you are advertising your service or products. 

What is PPC


  •  What is Google Penalty?

It is the consequence of black hat SEO practices or other reasons such as violating Google guidelines. 


  • What is keyword proximity?

The keyword proximity refers to the distance between the search term’s individual keywords. For example, a website contains the keywords that make up the search term “dentist Boston implant” in the heading “Your professional dentist in Boston; dental practice for minimally invasive implants”.


  • What is Google’s Algorithm

Google algorithm area complex system used to retrieve data from its search index and instantly delivers the best possible result for quarry


  • Types of the google algorithm

    • Google Panda
    • Google Penguin
    • Google hummingbird


  • What is Schema?

    • Schema Markup is a great way to help your website stand out and strong your SEO competitors 
    • Schema Markup is from the search engine precisely wanting your content to try to explain on your web page.


  • What is E-commerce?

Online buying and selling goods and services it is also known as electronic commerce it consists of buying and selling goods and services over an electronic system such as the internet 


  • Types of E-Commerce?

    • B2B
    • B2C
    • C2B
    • C2C


  • What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking Submission is an Activity of off-page optimization which enable you to store links on another website


  • What is Roboats.txt?

Roboats.txt is used to block URLs or pages which we don’t want to crawl or index in google and in Domain


  • What is SERP?

The search Engine Result Page is the page you see after entering Aquarius/ keywords into google, yahoo, bing, and another search engine


  • How to check website performance 

    • Page in sites 
    • G.T. metrics 


  • What Google search console?

Google search console is used to index web pages you can also see our URL performance live impression click and average position of keywords 


  • Rules of submission  

    • Check DA and PA & SS
    • Choose right category/sub-category
    • Avoid unknown language 
    • Submit only one link to one directory 




You may be sure that these SEO interview questions and answers will help you get ready for the job of your dreams. Give as many examples as you can to demonstrate your mastery of technical SEO topics while trying to be honest in your responses.




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