A guide to understanding how Shifted Market Pricing Strategy can benefit your business

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A shift in the market pricing strategy according to Ty Voyles, co-founder, CEO and co-founder of Fulcrum Properties Group in Washington, obtaining the best and most affordable price within the shortest time, and with the least hassle is the most crucial aspect of real property. D.C. Knowing the sellers priorities gives the buyer with an edge, but when the market is changing in a way, you should have a toolbox filled with a wide range of tools that will ensure your customers receive the highest price.

According to Voyles Pricing is about putting your house in the marketplace. “It isn’t important how much you believe your home is worth, what your client is hoping to receive from selling it or what other people consider. It’s all based on what the market is saying in the present and what buyers are willing to pay and the amount a seller who is driven to sell would pay.

Voyles offers a three-pronged plan to price in a dynamic market:

Learn and analyze market data and share value with sellers, and plan and review the pricing strategies you have in place.


Shifted Market Pricing Strategy 


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Know Your Numbers

Voyles claims the fact that “numbers are the language of business” and also that “we are running businesses, not selling houses.”

Also, understanding your numbers is the first step to a successful pricing. Make it a point to be up to date with current market data since sellers be able to rely on the knowledge you have and resources. If you’d like to be acknowledged as an expert in the real estate market in your area You must be acquainted with figures like the average number of days on market, the number of active listings and pending listings. You should also know the total number of the number of closed listings and the total number of expired listings. These figures must be reviewed daily. The local MLS could be a good source of larger data sets, however Command’s Neighborhood Snaps can aid you in exploring the hyperlocal data.

As per Voyles, “The statistics convey an entire story, sometimes with multiple stories. Make use of your knowledge as a fiduciary to understand the numbers and present the tale that can best aid your client to achieve their goals. This is vital in difficult circumstances.


Create a Strategy for Shifted Market Pricing

Do not chase the market when you are creating the pricing plan. If you charge too much for a house that you are selling, it will not sell. It’s best to price it at the current rate, and you’ll likely overcharge. The property may be sold faster when it’s priced lower than the market value. This is what happens when the property is priced higher than of market prices.

Your vendor may be more willing to agree with the price plan when you can explain the impact of supply and demand on the market as well as the buyer’s viewpoint, considering the fact that buyers is now able to access details about more properties that ever. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the current market conditions to ensure that you give your seller the most accurate information available. One tool you can employ to aid your sellers in understanding the intricacies of a market that is changing could be Gary Keller’s SHIFT.

Gary Keller's SHIFT


According to Voyles that a lot of buyers believe it is the more time they sit the better their chance of being able to negotiate a sale. This means that you only have one shot for a seller to leave an impression when you sell. Making the first move in the market is vital in the event that you fail, and you’re relying on price reductions and marketing strategies to get buyers.

Then, you can prepare in advance for the presentation, by practicing ways you will answer arguments regarding price. Doing a mock-up of complaints with other agents will help find new scripts that you can use to satisfy the needs of a constantly changing market. Make sure to limit your scripts to three or less words prior to asking an inquiry to keep sellers involved throughout the process.

3 seller complaints are common in the light of Voyles their experiences. Here are some tips to help you navigate those conversations:

Initial objection It would be nice to try higher prices now and then make adjustments later.

It’s possible, and it’s likely to be successful. What if I offered you two alternatives instead: (a) A very good opportunity to secure the best value of your house, and doing it within the shortest time and with the least stress that you can or (b) an extremely slim possibility of getting that selling price, with a likely long duration on the market as well as the burden of maintaining your home in an aesthetically pleasing condition every day? Which one would you pick?

The second objection is: Our home is distinctive and more expensive than the average home.

The script: I completely believe that every home has its own uniqueness and that’s why we consider each home’s specific characteristics when conducting our price research. The issue is that most sellers would like to include their personal preferences and value into the cost of their home. The issue is that buyers do not have these memories and are making choices based on their financial circumstances. It is essential to be in a good position to market your home to the broadest possible market, which is why we charge more than other homes. Are you not convinced?


The third objection is: The prices would be lower in summer (or the fall) so we would like to put off the announcement until later.

It’s one thing in the event that you have to be patient, for instance the case of an unplanned move of six months. The problem with waiting is that the markets in the near future aren’t as certain. Another aspect to be considered is the speed at which markets change. While appreciation increases gradually but downshifts often occur abruptly and without notice. The most effective way to get the results you’ve informed me is to put it on the market immediately and set a price accordingly.


Shifted Market Pricing Strategy: Pricing a home in 2022

The housing market of 2021 was similar to that of that of the Wild West, thanks in large part due to the scarcity of housing and the huge demand triggered due to low mortgage rates. As the year went along and prices were pushed to their maximum limits, the market eventually started to wear out.

Buyers began to get annoyed over the chaotic state of affairs during the autumn. 54 percent of real estate brokers have reported hearing or seeing buyers cancelling purchase agreements during the second quarter of 2021 because of their regrets over an excessive contract cost, leading to the re-listing of properties to the market.

Contrary to last season, Dominguez observes that his area has become “a little bit more of a buyer’s market.” “A dialogue is now underway. Some buyers who waited have been reaping the rewards of their persistence and are now able to buy a decent home for an affordable price, according Dominguez.

Domenez is also echoed in other realtors. The HomeLight survey of the top agents regarding the housing market in 2022 revealed that, while 84% of respondents believe that conditions will continue to favor sellers however, the market is expected to be more even as the year progresses.

Analysts don’t anticipate the possibility of a market crash, but those who plans to sell a home in 2022 should not make their pricing strategy based on the events of 2017. With the help of your agent, it is crucial to be on the lookout for any market changes.

Pricing a home in 2022


House-Shifted Market Pricing Strategy for 2022

Use as recent comparable sales as you can.

When compared to a comparable-sized house of lower quality that sold for as little as four months ago, a home with greater modifications may sell for less in 2022. Make the appropriate pricing adjustment.


Never foresee that you will need to sign an appraisal waiver.

In the past it was common buyers would offer assessment gap coverage to win bidding wars and secure a homes. However, a survey conducted by HomeLight of over 1,000 real estate agents anticipates an increase in the percentage of bids with appraisal waivers. It’s gone from 37% at the beginning of 2021 to just 24% at the start of 2022.

Be honest regarding the condition of your home.

Are you ready to move in or have you sat on your list for a long time? As per Kelly Finley, a top real estate agent located in Troy, Michigan, “my market is cooling down a bit, particularly when the property isn’t “turn-key. We’re not seeing buyers offer as much than they used to and they’re more likely to withdraw from the purchase completely or make repairs upon an inspection.


Make sure your agent is familiar with the location.

Real estate in Chicago is largely regional. Many real estate agents only service the city’s outside suburbs and the downtown market, according to Dominguez. “What is their history? What price are they offering? How well-versed in the market are they? Do they comprehend what is valuable?


House pricing strategy


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