Top 10 Lungi Brands in india 

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The Top 10 Lungi Brands in India for the year 2022 are listed below Lungi brands, which are typically dressed worn at home or in the evening, are the casual attire of South Indian males.

The lungis are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. India’s top manufacturers create incredible selections of lungis. learn about the contributions that the various brands make.

List of Top 10 Lungi Brands in India

Table of Contents

  1. Mr.Lungi
  2. Kitex Lungis
  3. Sangu Mark
  4. Blue Leaf
  5. Dhrona Lungis
  6. Niranj
  7. SBN Lifestyle
  8. Papaya
  9. Nandu Brand Lungis
  10. Cotton Crown


Let’s Discuss the Top 10 Lungi Brands in India




Top 10 Lungi Brands in india

Mr. lungi is the Top Lungi Brand in India  You may rely on Mr.Lungi for his vast selection of attractive tones and ideas.

You can get them from this website online, and you’ll find that the brand is more affordable.

The non-exclusive white and dark mix premium blue, little check, kasthuri madras checks, chess, 1 Inch stripes, and irregular stripe designs are available for customers to select from.

In the nonexclusive model of this brand, a few samples of the numerous variety combinations are available including maroon, brown, violet, green, yellow, orange, red, blue, and dark.

These colors are rarely found in cotton lungi brands.


Kitex Lungis

Kitex Lungis is Best Lungi Brand in India The company is renowned for high-quality products, which include clothing for individuals. It exports children’s clothing to the US.

Located in Kochi, the company was founded in 1992 and is renowned for the variety of lungis it provides to customers.

The 100% cotton lungis are available in a variety of styles. The customers love the printed lungis.

There are several options available, including multicolored lungis, single-colored lungis with huge dark checks, white and blue checks, plain saffron and dark-hued lungis, and more.

Sangu Mark

The company has been in operation since 1927 and is known for offering inexpensive lungis.

They offer a variety of possibilities for lungis, including kaleidoscope lungis with checkered patterns in various sizes, shaded fields of the white and dark blends, Kattari lungis, printed lungis, enormous stripes in a variety of colors, and much more. Sangu Mark is the Top Lungi Brand in India


Blue Leaf

There are many options for Blue Leaf lungi brands, which are hand-loomed lungis made entirely of cotton.

You can discover multicolored, Kattari, white, and simple versions of lungis, depending on your budget.

Blue Leaf is the Top Lungi Brand in India. You can purchase them as sewn-free size lungis, and in order to preserve the quality of the lungi, you must strictly adhere to the washing and care recommendations.


Dhrona Lungis

This is due to the organization’s broad selection of possibilities. Dhrona Lungis is the Top Lungi Brand in India.

Lungis of the plain cotton variety and white cotton from Dhrona are both quite well known. You can get both pure cotton and mixed options. Along with 80% cotton and 20% polyester, there are also mixed options.



The various needs of the clients are handled by Niranj. Niranj has printed lungis, Katari, blended, and other examples or plans that you can find.

Niranj offers the arrangement if you assume that you desire unstitched lungis that you can customize to your specific needs.



 SBN Lifestyle

This is due to the fact that they offer a wide variety of possibilities, so you should really look for anything that deviates from your typical search criteria. The most popular lungi brand in India is SBN Lifestyle.

SBN Lungis are hand-crafted and offer comfort to the customers.



Similar to its competitors, it sells lungis all over India, and you can find them on Amazon.

This brand offers a variety of lungis in basic tones, Kattari, checks, stripes, and other patterns for affordable prices.

The brand shall provide cotton-sewn lungis with the expectation of complimentary sizing.


Nandu Brand Lungis

In terms of the extent of Elite lungis, Nandu is the innovator.

It provides selections for both older and younger men and you can buy the enormous reach under the Nandu brand.

Blacks, White Plain, Random Stripes, Vintage, Color Plain, print lungis, and White Macho are among the assortments.  Madras Checks, Full Circle, Urban Style, and White Macho are also included Nandu Brand Lungis Is the Top Lungi Brand in India.


 Cotton Crown

 Cotton Crown Lungi

Cotton Crown is another typical name in the lungi. This brand offers high-quality premium cotton lungis in a variety of colors and patterns.

You may rely on this company to provide skin-friendly lungis. You can purchase large checks with complementary tones, multiple checks, printed plans, and other items from this brand.


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