top 10 Scooty in India under 1 lakh

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Scooters are frequently thought of as simply two-wheelers with minimal features. However, as the auto industry has developed, designers have discovered methods to make scooters just as thrilling as motorcycles. As a result, you can now get high-end scooters with a sporty look, strong motors, and a variety of functions. If you’re wanting to purchase such a high-end scooter, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top 10 Scooty in India under 1 lakh

List of top 10 Scooty in India under 1 lakh

Information about some of the top 10  Scooty in India under 1 lakh, including their most recent prices, features, specifications, and mileage, is provided in this area. Please be aware that the scooters are listed for your convenience only and not in any particular order.

1. Honda Activa 6G

Price at Start: Rs. 73,086

One of the scooter brands that sell the most in India is the Honda Activa. The 110cc scooter known as the Activa 6G has the trademark Activa design aesthetic. It is a great option for purchasers thanks to its refined look, high-end features, and effective fuel economy. It has a tonne of amenities, including an engine start/stop button, an external gasoline filler cap, fuel injection, and an LED headlight. For the amount it asks, the Honda Activa 6G is a comprehensive package.

2. TVS Jupiter 125

Price at Start: Rs. 82,825

The Jupiter 125 is a high-end scooter from the well-known TVS Jupiter brand in India. With chrome inlays all over the body, the scooter has a progressive neo-masculine appearance. It has a tonne of high-end amenities, like a digital-analog instrument cluster, an LED headlamp, front light guides, a grab rail with an integrated reflector, diamond-cut alloy wheels, and best-in-class under-seat storage. The Jupiter 125 is one of the better options if you’re seeking a feature-rich scooter under Rs. 1 lakh.

3. Suzuki Access 125

Price at Start: Rs. 77,600

One of the scooters with the highest sales in India is the Suzuki Access 125. It features a high-end design with vivid colors, including two-tone paint jobs. The 125cc engine provides the ideal balance of power and fuel economy. A chrome exterior fuel lid, a digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, an engine start/stop switch, LED position lights, and other high-end features are included with the scooter. The Access 125 is a good choice if you want to spend less than Rs. 1 lakh on a premium-looking scooter.

4. TVS Ntorq 125

Price to Start: Rs. 79,956

In terms of performance and design, the TVS Ntorq 125 is the sportiest scooter available in this market. It has distinctive aesthetic features such as a t-shaped rear light, sporty stubby muffler, sporty split grab rails, afterburner-style rear vents, and batwing-style LED DLRs that are inspired by stealth aircraft. It also has a tonne of features, including an external gasoline filler cap designed like one found on aircraft, an engine stop switch, telescopic suspension, disc brakes, etc. The Ntorq 125 is the finest choice if you’re looking for a sporty, performance-focused scooter.

5. Hero Destini 125

Price to Start: Rs. 71,108

A high-end 125cc scooter from Hero MotorCorp is called the Destiny 125. It has a classic scooter style with a few contemporary touches, such as chrome mirrors, and a front apron treatment. For added comfort, it also has a backrest for the passenger. In addition, it comes equipped with a variety of high-end features, including an analog-digital instrument cluster, an LED headlamp, Bluetooth connectivity, and i3S fuel-saving technology. If you’re seeking a scooter with a sophisticated style and respectable amenities, the Destini 125 is a wonderful choice.

6. Suzuki Burgman Street

Price at Launch: Rs. 89,900

A scooter with a distinct appearance and a maxi-scooter design in the European style is the Suzuki Burgman Street. It has a broad front apron and a bulbous rear part, giving it massive body proportions. It features various distinctive design features, including handlebars that resemble motorcycles, an apron-mounted windscreen, and front turn indicators. Additionally, it has features like a sporty muffler cover, an engine start/stop switch, LED headlamps with position lights, a digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

7. Yamaha RayZR

Beginning at: Rs. 80,730

A sporty scooter with motorcycle-inspired styling is the Yamaha RayZR 125. The RayZR 125’s low curb weight of 98 kg is one of its best features. Modern technology is added to the scooter to increase fuel efficiency, such as the automatic engine start and stop system. A powerful performance from the 125cc engine makes your commute fun. It also has a lot of amenities, like a front disc brake, an LED headlight, Bluetooth connectivity, and a digital instrument cluster. You may purchase the sporty, feature-rich RayZR 125 scooter for less than Rs. 1 lakh.


8. Yamaha Fascino 125 

Price at Launch: Rs. 76,600

The 125cc Fascino 125 is a retro-styled scooter produced by a Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer. It has the ideal fusion of vintage style and contemporary technology. The sophisticated technology it receives includes fuel injection, an automatic engine start/stop system and a hybrid system with SMG (Smart Motor Generator). The scooter’s curb weight is under 99 kg. Additionally, it has all the bells and whistles, including a front disc brake, a multi-function key switch, a spacious under-seat storage area, and a digital instrument cluster.

9. Ola S1 Air

Pricey at first: Rs. 84,999

The SI Air is the entry-level model of the Ola SI, a well-liked electric scooter in India. It has the same fluidic design language styling as the higher models. It has a slim body with small proportions and a stylish LED headlight with DRL. It has a vast number of amenities, including riding modes, a touchscreen instrument cluster, an integrated speaker, and many connectivity options. The Ola S1 Air is a wonderful option if you’re searching for a scooter of around Rs. 1 lakh that is light, agile, and environmentally friendly.

10. Honda Activa 125 

Price at Start: Rs. 77,062

The revolution in the country’s gearless scooter market was begun with the Honda Activa brand. It’s appropriate that it’s still India’s best-selling scooter. A 125cc scooter called the Activa 125 features luxury design cues like chrome applique on the aprons, X-shaped tail lights, and a chic LED headlight. A front glove box with a lid, an idling engine stop mechanism, an external fuel-filling lid, and other useful features are included. Overall, if you’re looking for a family scooter, it’s a complete package.

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