Top 10 Wooden Door Manufacturers in India

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The Top 10 Wooden Door Manufacturers in India Doors have been in use since prehistoric times. The door made of olive wood that King Solomon created for the Temple of God and the doors found in Egyptian tombs are examples of the oldest doors. Doors were built of fabrics and leather in Mesopotamia, whereas stone doors were used in ancient Greece. The idea of single or double doors has persisted into the twenty-first century, embracing the designs, build quality, and aesthetics that technology innovation provides. In terms of functionality, doors have given the home or structure security, privacy, and attractiveness. The materials that are readily available locally have had a significant impact on the door’s construction and design.

As a result, the list below shows the Top 10 Wooden Door Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Wooden Door Manufacturers in India

1) Mangalam Timbers Private Limited

has produced safe and aesthetically pleasing doors for the home market since 1982. Their principal goods are:

Pre-Laminated Doors

Plain Doors

They are renowned for developing the idea of “everything at one place” and offer kitchen shelves and wooden cabinets for the increased convenience of their clients. The business has employed waste wood and plantation timber with great success. The company, which is regarded as one of India’s biggest and best door manufacturers, is well known for the intensive research methodologies that underlie its innovation and marketing. There are showrooms for Mangalam products all around the nation.

2) Greenply Wooden Doors

are regarded as one of India’s top producers of wooden doors. Greenply, a company established in 1990, creates doors on demand to meet the requirements of each client. Their principal goods are:

Gold Green Doors

Greentec Doors

Blue Doors

Club Doors in green

Doors Optima G SWF

One of the top products on the market is the flush doors made by Greenply. They offer consistency, a high level of security, and resistance, making them ideal for various weather circumstances. Greenply stands out in the door sector because of its production approach, which guarantees enough market availability. Despite being one of the most well-known and reasonably priced door brands in India, the company is also using a sustainable farm management plan to establish farm forestry that can meet their material needs.

3) CenturyPly Plywood

is the first organization that springs to mind when considering the top door company in India. Since its founding in Kolkata in 1982, CenturyPly has grown in popularity and is now regarded as one of the greatest and most well-known door producers of premium plywood. Their principal goods include

Shut Doors

Door veneer

Prime Doors Bond Doors

Door Skin for Melamine

The doors are made to go well with the interiors’ attractiveness and the exteriors’ aesthetic appeal. CenturyPly Plywood is a great material option for making various doors, both for residential and commercial uses, which is one of the primary reasons to choose it.

4) Maxon Doors 

was founded in 2007. The business creates designed doors to satisfy today’s demands for “beauty with robustness.” Maxon Doors, one of the foremost door manufacturers in India, employs a variety of high-end equipment and instruments to increase the productivity of door production.

Raw materials for Maxon Doors are sourced from environmentally responsible vendors. Videos on the business website demonstrate how the many wood layers strengthen the doors. This serves as the foundation for the company’s assurance that their doors will be durable and environmentally friendly. Maxon Doors’ principal products include:

Wooden Teak Doors

Doors with Natural Veneer and Recon Veneer Laminate Lines

Royal Art Laminate Doors

5) Shree Balaji Wood Impex

specializes in producing ornamental doors in various regions of the nation. Shree Balaji Wood Impex, which was founded in 2011, is well known for its extensive selection of wooden doors and window frames. Shree Balaji Wood Impex, one of the leading door manufacturers in India, sells doors under the trade name “GSM Doors.” The business has implemented eco-friendly practices in its facility, which is a common practice in the door sector. The business promises to give both flair and security. The primary products of Balaji Wood Impex are:

Nagpur Teak Woods

GSM Wood doors

6) Pure Wood Doors

are well-known for their specialized wooden doors. Their area of specialization is making doors for homes and hotels. The business started operating in 1997 and has since developed into one of India’s top producers of wooden doors. Luxury doors made by Pure Wood Doors for homes offer good value. Customers who are searching for sturdy and long-lasting wooden doors almost always choose Pure Wood Doors. The primary products of the company include

Contemporary Wood Door

Solid Wood door

Oakwood door

Teak wood door

Beechwood door

Tulipwood door

7) Mikasa Doors

an is regarded as one of the biggest door producers in India. The brand is renowned for its extensive selection of door accessories. To satisfy the unique requirements of each customer, Mikasa offers a variety of door frames. Because the company creates ready-to-install doors, damage during production and installation is reduced. A wide selection of veneers, paints, and laminates are also available from Mikasa to match the door’s function and architectural setting.

In order to satisfy customer demand for home interior décor, Mikasa also produces a wide variety of accessories. Additionally, they have a competitive advantage over their rivals thanks to their occasionally inventive designs. Their goods consist of:

fire-resistant doors

doors not rated for fire

solitary wooden doors

two wooden doors

Unique door sets

8) Mini Max plywood

is well-known as a leading door company in the Indian door sector. Today, the company is always prepared to build doors to meet clients’ unique needs because customer satisfaction is its primary goal. In 2003, Mini Max Plywood was established. Because of their extensive experience and a good understanding of wood, the company is able to produce specialized designs that give the customer the best value for their money. Homeowners may depend on this company’s major offerings, which include the following, for solid, long-lasting doors:

Shut-in doors

Designer doors with a mold

Unique door sets

9) Supreme Industries 

is situated in the Telangana state. Supreme Industries, which was established in 1942, is known as one of India’s top door brands and is well-known for its premium hardwood doors. They have produced many different kinds of wood door goods, including plywood, wood doors, and veneers. For a wooden product to be successful on the market, its internal design is essential. As a result, Supreme Industries concentrates on producing high-quality doors at fair and reasonable costs. The business also enjoys a stellar reputation for prompt delivery and attentiveness to customer service demands. Customers can easily reach Supreme’s support staff with their questions. Their principal goods are:

Metal Doors

doors to a cold room

A UPVC door

10) Doormark

is based in the Rajasthani city of Jaipur. The business is well-known in the industry for being able to satisfy the demands of the younger generation. The company conducts research on the shifting trends and preferences of the young in order to meet their demands as a brand that caters to them. Bookmark creates premium-quality doors with a focus on young people and ensures environmental protection. Since its founding, the company has collaborated with numerous multinational brands to introduce products with hip and modern designs to the marketplace. Their principal goods are:

Present-day slab doors

customary square doors

Doors with standard round corners

Used Moulding

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