Top 20 Kismat Quotes

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1. Kismat is not always in our control, but our actions are.”

2. “Kismat is what we make of it.”

3.”Our kismat is shaped by our thoughts and actions.”

4. “Kismat is the result of our choices and decisions.”

5. “Kismat is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice.”

6. “The only way to change our kismat is by changing our mindset.”

7. “Kismat favors the bold.”

8. “Kismat is the sum of our past actions and decisions.”

9. “Our kismat is a reflection of our inner state.”

kismat quotes


10. “Kismat is not something we wait for, it’s something we create.”

11. “Our kismat is a journey, not a destination.”

12. “Kismat is the reward of our hard work and perseverance.”

13. “Kismat smiles on those who take action towards their goals.”

14. “Kismat is a combination of fate and effort.”

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15. “Kismat is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.”

16. “Kismat is not about what we have, but what we do with what we have.”

17. “Our kismat is a result of the choices we make every day.”

18. “Kismat is not about luck, it’s about making the most of every opportunity.”

19. “Kismat is like a boomerang, what we give out, comes back to us.”

20 “Kismat is what we make of the cards we are dealt.”


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