14 Best Career Options: What to do after B.S.C Chemistry?

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Science is an age-old fact. Every aspect of this planet is surrounded by science, from celestial motions to human emotions. Science has provided evidence in every discipline. Because of this, science has demonstrated that it plays a significant role in the advancement of humanity and has been able to unlock some mysteries that are invisible to the naked eye.

Let’s open some large doors that science has opened in the field of chemistry. 


 Let’s have a detailed look at them.

Chemistry is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a science that deals with the composition and qualities of substances and of the changes they undergo.” In other words, it is a field of study where one can learn about the properties of various substances and how they interact. Before the year 1600, many people used to study chemistry but never knew how to use it properly. There is no science without chemistry.

Chemistry plays a role in every aspect of this planet or cosmos, including food, electronics, and human emotions. Chemistry is the foundation of every discipline of science. After some time, it finally came into being in 1600. Phosphorous was the first substance discovered.

Chemistry has a wide range of applications and is crucial to the provision of food, the improvement of health and sanitation facilities, and many other areas. The Role of Chemistry in Environmental Protection, Improvement of Comfort, Pleasure, and Luxuries the importance of chemistry in industry and in conflict has always proved beneficial and informative. It is crucial in the production of medicines.

It is difficult to summarize the numerous benefits of chemistry. There is a lot to learn about

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What is B.S.C in chemistry?

After completing the 12th-grade certification in the science stream, one can pursue a specialization in the chemistry field, which will open up more career opportunities.

A bachelor’s degree in chemistry takes three years to complete.

B.S.C in chemistry

After 12th grade, students will learn and explore the working patterns of chemistry and their applications in daily life.

This can be done by any recognized organization

The positions you will earn are as follows: Safety, Health, and Environment Specialist, Professor or Tutor, Lab Assistant, Scientific Data Entry Specialist, Research & Development Manager, Product Officer, Production Chemist, and Water Quality Chemist.


Best career options available after B.S.C chemistry

We are already aware of what chemistry is, as well as its significance and scope. And pursuing a career in this field has always proven to be advantageous. The never-ending learning and research for the same are positive aspects of making a career in it.

There are many different fields available in chemistry that are worth studying.

Let’s take them one at a time. and discover each niche’s hidden secrets.


Higher Education Courses After B.S.C Chemistry

Let us look at Higher Education Courses after B.S.C


M.S.C in Molecular Science

a creative science that creates molecules with novel biological or physical features to address problems in society or science.

The MSc in Molecular Chemistry is a two-year postgraduate program. One must possess a bachelor’s degree in science with at least a minimum of 50% grades. It can be completed from any reputable institution, and the cost for this course is between 21,000 and 40,000 rupees.

M.S.C in Molecular Science

Scientific managers, molecular biologists, pathologists, technical specialists, etc. are positions one may obtain after doing this. list of colleges where it can be done in

Hindu College, Te Oxford College of Science, Chandigarh University, Hansraj College, and Chris University.


M.S.C in Biochemistry

A two-year full-time postgraduate degree program called the M.Sc. in Biochemistry or Master of Science in Biochemistry focuses on the study and application of numerous chemical processes and their analysis, The BHU-PET, GSAT, and JET entrance exams are required. The postgraduate program lasts for two years. The cost of this program is approximately Rs. 3–4 lakhs. Professors, Associate Engineers, Microbiologists, Research Scientists, Consultants, Pharmacologists, Lab Technicians, Consultants, Bioscience Business Specialists, and Biotechnologists are some of the job positions available.

M.S.C in Biochemistry

Aligarh Muslim University, SGT Medical College Hospital, and Research Institute, Gurgaon RVS College of Arts and Science, Tiruchirappalli SIPAS Dehradun, – Sai Institute of Paramedical and Allied Science are the top colleges.

One can earn up to 5 lakh rupees per year.


M.S.C in Bioorganic Chemistry

What exactly is bioorganic chemistry?

Bioorganic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that combines organic chemistry and biochemistry. Bioorganic chemistry is the chemical investigation of biological processes. Organic chemistry methods are used to synthesize biological molecules and investigate their structures, as well as to investigate biochemical reactions.

A Master’s degree in biochemistry allows you to understand this structure more deeply.

Bioorganic Chemistry

This postgraduate program will last two years.

The average fee is around 25K, depending on the institution. Students who have taken IIT JAM, CUCET, or TS CPJET can apply for admission to MSC bio-organic chemistry.


M.S.C in Drug Chemistry

MSc Drugs Chemistry is a two-year postgraduate course that provides students with knowledge of basic chemistry and specialized chemical knowledge of drugs and medicines, including their synthesis, analysis, and use.

Pharmaceutical chemistry is primarily concerned with the research and development of new medications for pharmaceutical companies or government agencies. After completing an MSc in Pharmaceuticals, one can enter the field of teaching by taking exams such as SLET, NET, and others in India

 one can be Analytical Scientist, Associate Manager, Business Development Executive, Clinical Research Associate, Drug Safety Associate, Pharmacovigilance Associate, Production Chemist, Production Chemist, Quality Control Chemist, R & D Chemist, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Senior Scientist, and Teacher & Lecturer


M.S.C in Oil and Gas Chemistry

The MSc in Oil and Gas Technology is a highly academic and professional program that offers knowledge and skills for people looking to move from engineering to management jobs or who feel that complicated management issues call for a deeper technical understanding.

Top colleges to study oil and gas chemistry are 

  • IIT Bombay – Indian Institute of Technology
  • IIT Madras – Indian Institute of Technology
  • School of Engineering, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
  • MIT WPU Faculty of Engineering, Pune.
  • Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute, Chennai.

Oil and Gas Chemistry

One might choose the 5-year petroleum engineering option, which is part of the MSC in oil and gas chemistry.  Candidates that are skilled at their jobs and have experience in this industry may receive a generous compensation package. A senior position in this industry might pay between Rs. 4.5 and Rs. 8 lacs annually.


M.S.C in Computational Chemistry

The Master of Science in Computational Chemistry program is intended to prepare students to implement, manage, and support all facets of computer and computational applications in chemistry in academic, governmental, and industrial scientific environments.

In computational chemistry, a Ph.D. degree is typically required, along with several years of postgraduate experience, for research and supervisory positions.

You can get admission to the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda

Salary for this skills ranges  2,00,000 – 3,00,000 PA.


START-UPS / Business After B.S.C Chemistry

Today, where start-up culture has risen a few years ago, India witnessed approximately 50,000 start-ups in India around 2018. Due to unreasonable remuneration for jobs, late hours, and restrictions on personal time, start-up cultures have grown tremendously.

START-UPS / Business After B.com

There have been 72,993 startups as of this writing. Yet not everyone succeeds due to issues they encounter, including a lack of talent, lack of financial assistance, unwillingness to take risks, inappropriate START-UPS professions, a lack of marketing strategies, a lack of mentoring, and government prohibitions.

Let us take a closer look at the appropriate courses you can choose if you want to start your own business.


Digital marketing is a new-age component of marketing that promotes products and services via the Internet or online-based digital platforms and technologies. Because of the rise in start-ups, the craze for digital marketing has carved out its own niche. In today’s world, business entails digital marketing.

Benefits of Doing Digital Marketing

  •       There are no prerequisites.
  •       High-paying careers
  •       Rapidly expanding industry
  •       Improved job security
  •       Freelancing
  •       Digital marketers are in high demand.
  •       Entrepreneurship opportunities


For a job in this sector that is guaranteed, you can enroll in India’s top-ranked EDIIFY Institute of Digital Marketing, where you can also take classes and intern. Or you can Visit www.ediify.com for further course-related queries.


They offer a variety of courses that will prepare you for employment in just three months, as well as an 11-month Postgraduate program in digital marketing.

This talent is essential if you want to expand your business in the beginning.



 At any stage of a firm’s life, financial planning and strategies are crucial.

Ineffective financial planning can have negative short- and long-term effects.

For this certificate in Financial Planning and Strategies, applicants must have at least 12 certificates or a maximum of a B.S.C and have a solid understanding of finance.

Financial planners typically earn Rs. 7.33 lakhs annually.



Web development is extremely important for any new business since, without visitors, a website is like a ship floating without water. Any business development effort that wants to reach a wider audience and attract more leads and consumers must have a well-designed website.

A specialized degree is not necessary to work as a Web developer. Anyone who enjoys developing and creating new things can choose to do it. To fully learn all skills at the boot camp, it typically takes 3–4 months, depending on how much time you spend doing it.

A web developer makes an astounding Rs. 4.87 lakhs each year, which is fairly high. This makes working from home possible. Salary typically rises in line with talent.


Government Jobs After B.S.C Chemistry

We have all heard from our forefathers that “kuch bhi ho naukri to Sarkari hi honi chaahiye.” This is due to job security and the Indian mentality that gives them pride as government employees, pieces of training, and pensions after retirement. But to be a government employee is not a cup of tea, one needs to work hard to prepare for government jobs. Government occupations offer benefits that private jobs lack. This is a great option after B.S.C

The following careers are available in government sectors.


The Union Public Service Commission in India holds the UPSC Civil Service Test to select candidates for higher civil service positions. The UPSC Exam is held to fill four different positions, which are as follows:


After completing your B.S.C, you can apply for UPSC services. To be eligible for the same, one must pass three stages: preliminary, mains, and interview. The salary differs according to the position held by the aspirants.

Apply on https://www.upsc.gov.in



After B.S.C one can opt for MPSC as a great career alternative, even non-Maharashtrians with an adequate degree and skills can apply. one needs to qualify for exams arranged by MPSC in order to be eligible for positions given,

Giving MPSC exams is not a simple task. But with commitment and effort, it is possible.

Apply online at https://mpsc.gov.in



All public sector banks hire employees through the IBPS examination. For this position, one must be Indian and applicants must be between 20 and 30 years old. A minimum B.S.c degree with 60 percent marks is required, as well as strong computer and English communication abilities. One of the simplest exams to pass is this one.

One receives a monthly income of between Rs.35,000 and Rs.59,999.



2022 is a better year to apply for jobs with the Indian Railways if you are a capable candidate on https://indianrailwayrecruitment.in.

At least a 10th-grade certificate is required. You must regularly check all websites for job updates. Job positions for Indian Railways are as follows,

Deputy General, A second general director, When serving as the Zonal RPF Chief or the Head of the RPSF, an additional director general, inspector general, or deputy inspector general, Deputy Inspector General.



There are four different types of Defence Services, including the Indian Army, Indian Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Force Guard. After earning a degree in business administration, one may choose to pursue this field because it offers one of the most prestigious work positions.

The one in the Ministry of Defence earns 30 lakhs per year.

You need to appear for Defence exams arranged by UPSC twice a year. To know about it check the website.


Jobs available in the Chemistry stream.

There are many renowned companies in India that offer jobs 

  1. Tata Chemicals
  2. Aarti industries
  3. BASF
  4. Deepak Nitrite
  5. Atul Ltd
  6. Gujrat Fluorochemicals limited



We have already discussed what one can do in the chemistry stream. Before entering any field, please understand your niche and interests. We have almost finished discussing the courses available. After BSc Chemistry, Salaries, and Jobs available after BSc Chemistry?. . The information provided here is limited to the best of my knowledge.

Do you desire more information? visit our website to learn more. You can also look at the Digital Marketing course offered by ediify.com if you’re interested in learning more.